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Name: John Cleese (originally Cheese, really!)
Occupation before Monty Python: Lawyer (sad but true)
Children: 2 daughters
Marital Status: a swinging bachelor (divorced way too many times)
Nationality: English
His part: Silly authoritive figures.
What he's doing now: The new gadgets guy in 007 movies (R)

Name: Graham Chapman
Occupation before Monty Python: Doctor (Believe it or not)
Children: 1 son (adopted of course, I mean, how else?) died in 1992
Marital Status: His lover, David Sherlock (euwwww)
Nationality: English
His part: all the best parts (Brian, King Arthur, etc.)
What he's doing now: Not much, he's dead!

Name: Eric Idle
Ocupation before Monty Python: the Rutles
Children: 1 daughter and 1 son
Marital Status: Tania Kosevich (rumored to have worked at playboy) divorced from Lyn Ashley
Nationality: British
His part: the Singer
What he's doing now: He is exploiting Monty Python worldwide.

Name: Michael Palin
Occupation before Monty Python: Do not adjust your set
Children: 2 sons, 1 daughter
Marital Status: Helen Gibbins
Nationality: British
His part: the nice guy.
What he's doing now: Last I heard, he had a show on PBS, but that was a rumor.

Name: Terry Jones
Occupation before Monty Python: Do Not Adjust Your Set
Children: 1 son, 1 daughter
Marital Status: His wife Alison Telfer is a better woman than he is.
Nationality: British
His part: the women.
What he's doing now: Directing

Name: Terry Gilliam
Occupation Before Monty Python: a whole buch of stuff
Children: 2 daughters and 1 son
Marital Status: Maggie
Nationality: American (God bless America)
His part: the sick cartoons
What he's doing now: Director/writer