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Stayin' alive.

Well, I know all you loyal and devoted PYTHON ADDICT FANS have been coming to this site daily and crying. Once you realized the site was broken, you must have cried even harder. Well, after trying to move my website, deleting it, and formatting my harddrive, it took a while to rebuild. BUT I DID. BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE MONTY PYTHON. So, if you're an old fan, there's nothing new, but at least most of the old stuff is here. And if you just got here, enjoy what many have called the greatest Monty Python fan site EVER. And remember, spam spam spam spam spam and eggs, without spam, was, is, and always will be just eggs.

Oh, by the way, I am no longer a lonely pitiful little webmaster who doesn't wear pants. I have joined with others like myself! Click here to see them

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